Mold & Air Quality Testing 

mold on ceiling

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Mold is scary.  There’s no doubt about it.  Whether its reputation gets built up by a friend’s personal horror story or a news station talking about “the silent killer in your home”.  These descriptions aren’t wrong and mold is a serious thing, but it’s less frightening when understood a little better.  The certified mold inspection experts of Davenport are here to clear things up a bit.  We are dedicated to guiding you through what’s going on in your home and what the best next steps are to come out on the other side of it. 
Mold in the home
The first and most important things to know about mold is how and why it forms.  There’s a simple answer to this… water.  Almost all indoor mold growth is due to unwanted water entering the structure.  Roof leaks, broken pipes and moisture build up due to poor ventilation are some of the main causes.  If I were to step on a nail – ouch- it’s not that I have a blood problem; it’s that I have a hole in my foot.  Patch the foot and the blood stops flowing.
This being said, mold still needs to be taken seriously.  It can destroy wooden and painted surfaces and ingrain itself into the fabric of your home.  Some forms (such as black mold) release toxic spores that can cause serious harm if breathed in over time.  

If you are concerned about water intrusion alone and haven’t seen any potential growth, a full home inspection may be the better answer for you.  Reach out to us if you have this questions and we’ll be sure to walk you through it.

If you have found what you believe to be mold or other forms of growth in your home, give the certified local inspectors of Davenport a call and we’ll set up an inspection.  If you need a full home inspection instead, our certified home inspectors will perform an assessment of the entire home and any moisture intrusion will be noted. 

The inspection
Here’s a little bit about what our team will do once they are called to your home.  Our professional inspector will introduce himself and ask you some basic questions.  One of these will be to confirm the area of main concern, whether it’s a spot on the ceiling or all the windowsills in the house.  The inspector will examine these concentrated areas while examining the rest of the structure.  He will be determining where high moisture levels are likely to be a concern and if there is any growth you haven’t seen yet.  He will then use specialized testing equipment to gather air and surface samples from around the home.  These samples might contain fungal spores, bacteria build up, dust, pathogens and any other indoor allergen you can think of.  These samples will then be sent to a well-respected, unbiased, third party testing facility to examine the findings.  Once the results have come back (usually 2 to 5 days) the inspector will complete a written report alerting you to the findings.  We will also be there to give you guidance on next steps.

Our promise to you
It’s important to us that you understand a little about the industry.  In the past there have been cases of mold inspectors raising homeowner’s level of fear so they can have a contractor make expensive repairs.  Our promise is that we work with no repair team or contractor so there will never be a conflict of interest between us.  Integrity and massive effort are the cornerstones of our business.  Both revolve around delivering the greatest value we can to our friends and clients.  We don’t want you to have mold problems for life, but we want to be your trusted inspector for life.