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Buying a home… what a time.  What an amazing, exciting and uncomfortable time.  The certified home inspectors of Davenport know that the uncomfortable part of the home buying process almost always stems from one word… uncertainty. 

That’s why our certified professionals are dedicated to guiding you through that word so you can go back to being excited for your new adventure.  We are convinced that finding the right home inspector is as important to you as finding the right home.  This is due to the fact that your inspector, and the inspection report he or she hands you, will be the last chance to know exactly what home you’re getting into.
Our team is exceptional when providing our core home inspection services.  We’re known for exceptional effort and obvious integrity.  We are also highly experienced in radon testing and sewer scope exams.  If potential mold or fungus build up is found in your home, we have a certified mold inspection team to assist you there as well.
What’s a home inspector looking for?
We love clearing up this question for our friends and clients.  A home inspector will typically look at the home’s roof, floors, attic, interior plumbing, foundation, basement, HVAC system, electrical systems and structural components.  He is performing a mostly visual inspection while manually testing some of the home’s main components.  Once all this is checked, the inspector will generate a written report.

hand on breaker panel
messed up flashing on roof
garage door broken
hand on window sill showing damage

Inspection Report

Understanding your inspection report is incredibly important and we will guide you through that:  This analysis may seem extensive but is very educational and given to you by the inspector after they have assessed your home. It incorporates data about the current state of the home and issues with significant frameworks. It’s good to know the report doesn’t list referrals for home fixes or substitutions.

There are some fundamental tips that can assist you with perusing a home inspection document all the more successfully. By taking a couple of moments to acquaint yourself with these, you can be certain to get the most out of your report.

Here are the 4 categories the document will be broken into:

  • Inspected (IN) – this is what you want to see and you’ll see a lot of it.  This basically means the unit or item was inspected and appeared to be functioning in accordance with its predicted output and life expectancy.
  • Not Inspected (NI) – sometimes this is confusing.  Why would my home inspector not look at something?  It’s a good question and one that gets asked a lot.  An item may not be examined because it either falls outside the scope of the inspection, is not reachable or observable or poses a safety risk to the assessor.  A reason will always be stated for not inspecting something.
  • Not Present (NP) – not much to talk about here.  This is simply when the unit or item is not found anywhere in the structure or home.
  • Repair or Replace (RR) – here’s the one we’ll take the most time with.  These are the units or items that are not functioning or not operating at the capacity or efficiency that they should at this stage in their life.  We will discuss these one at a time to make sure you have a clear understanding of the risks and what needs to be done to mitigate them.

Will my home inspection take a long time?

We usually see inspections last in the vicinity of two to four hours.  However, they will go longer when there are more repairs to note, it is in a larger house or a combination of both.

A thorough inspection is ultimately going to come down to that individual inspector’s own resolve.
If you’ll trust us to inspect your home, we will return the favor with our complete and total dedication.

We always educate our clients during the inspection, so if you’re about to buy, about to sell, or just want your current home looked at, we’ll make sure to give you an unbiased, accurate opinion on the property’s condition along with instruction on its major systems.

How much can I expect to pay?

The price of a home inspection will typically land between $250 and $450.  The factors that come into play are, where you live, what services you request and the square footage of the building.  The cost of the appointment should always be second to the quality you want.  The better the inspector, the better off you and your family are for years to come.

GFCI testing during inspection
home inspector with hands on heating unit
damage on window sill shown by inspector

Home vs Condo Inspections

Most home inspectors offer two sorts of examination benefits on condos: full assessments or the type that just cover the interior (interior only). These reviews do exclude storage rooms, attics, outsides, rooftops, parking structures or other zones like these. Inside only reviews are most appropriate to big towers where it tends to be hard for a home inspector to contribute a lot to the information on building support; there is simply an excessive amount that is distant and unreachable in these huge towers.
In most different cases, full inspections are suggested. A full assessment incorporates any upper rooms or crawl spaces that append to your unit. The reviewer will likewise stroll around the outside, get onto the rooftop if it’s safe and stroll through parking structures and cellars. Full investigations are not as thorough as commercial inspections; however, they will give you a great idea of the general state of the structure. You would then be able to take the data gathered from a full condo inspection and compare it to the disclosure you get from the HOA and attempt to evaluate the by and large “wellbeing” of the condominium.
You’re most likely thinking about how much condominium inspections cost. This can change depending on which kind of review you decide on, where your condominium is found, and how big it is.
We Look Forward to Meeting You!
We know it’s strange to hire someone you’ve never met and don’t have considerable trust in.  That’s one of the strange parts of the home inspection business.  You have someone come into your current or likely future home to do some of the most important work possible and you don’t know anything about them except reviews and what’s on their website.  Well the certified inspectors of Davenport are always excited to earn your trust and keep it once we’ve earned it.  It’s an incredible feeling to meet a stranger at their home and three or so hours later, knowing you have a friend and business partner you can count on.  That’s one of the greatest things about this industry and it makes us excited to go to work every day.  Yes, even when we’re crawling around a dark, scary crawlspace on a cold day. 

So give your local Davenport, IA inspection team a call and schedule your first inspection with us.  We can’t wait to work with you.